Steve Rice los gatosWe all have bad habits to eliminate whether it’s chain smoking cigarettes, overeating on the holidays, or spending more money than your paycheck. Below are a few quick tips to set you back on a path to success and to saving your money for the things that matter to you most:

  1. Stop spending more money just to receive reward points

We get the hype. And we’ve all done it, but you can’t allow reward points from credit cards and member cards to seduce you to spend more. These are easiest things to distract you from that strict budget plan you created. You should especially avoid them if you have always had a problem splurging. An idea to break this habit, is to use the reward cards solely on expenses for the month. Try using them to pay off your monthly utility, rent, and/or phone bills. This way you’re not spending any money on things you don’t really need, and you’re still saving up points for the perks you desire. This leads us into number two.

  1. Do not ignore your bills

If you’re consistently ignoring your bills, you’re going to miss due dates, and consequently, your credit score can go down. Way down. Bills aren’t fun for anyone, but avoiding them will only make your life more stressful, and who has time for more stress in their life? There isn’t anyone.

You have start by being proactive. When you receive your bills in the mail, handle and pay them immediately or as soon as you can. If you need a process that is a little easier or to take away all the stress, opt for automatic bill payment. Just remember to keep an eye on how much money you have in your account on a regular basis.

  1. Do not run around your debt

Again, being proactive is very important. Don’t avoid your debt. Consolidating your debt or moving balances to different cards isn’t going to really help you.  Although lower interest rates and one monthly payments can help solve your short-term problems, you still need a long-term solution. If you’re participating in these activities, it could be because you have issues living within your means and your salary.

Creating a budget and sticking to it is the best way to solve all these problems. This will also help you become more organized in other areas in your life. The most difficult part is starting, but once you do you’re own way!

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